Now, stay at a hotel is definitely not rocket science. In most cases, it is an overall experience you will enjoy, no matter if it comes to being on a holiday or a business trip. However, at least once in your lifetime, you will most probably not have the best experience with a hotel. It happens mainly due to the fact the hotel is not offering the best quality of service or the level of service as promised by the marketing team. In order to make sure you are having the best possible experience when staying at a hotel, here are some handy tips and tricks for how to choose the best hotel and how to enjoy your time there.

Choose the Best Location

Indeed, the facilities of a hotel, the experience and service offered are important, but one of the most important aspects you would consider a hotel for or you won’t is the hotel’s location. In does not mean the hotel should be located right in the heart of a city in order to be a perfect choice. Some people would enjoy staying at a hotel at a more quiet place and they tend to stay away from the city centre. Additionally, you may choose a hotel that is located near a nature sight or something else you are interested in visiting. However, if you are visiting a new city on a holiday and you want to navigate quickly and easy, the best choice is choosing a hotel located right in the heart of the city or near a station of public transport to the city centre.

Check Out Reviews

Online reviews left by previous guests of a hotel can give you a very good idea of the service offered at the hotel, the facilities, the people working there and if everything meets your expectations. Whenever you are interested in booking a hotel, make sure to always check reviews first and then book a room. Choose reputable and reliable websites where fake reviews are hard to pass.


As we have already mentioned, the location of a hotel is very important and it does not have to be right in the city centre. In case you are visiting a place with the main goal of sightseeing, it will be better to book a room at a hotel that is near all the landmarks you want to visit or at least the main ones. If there are a lot of landmarks scattered around the city, it will be better to opt for a that is conveniently located near public transport that will allow you to reach all landmarks quickly and easily. In case the city has a metro system, choose a hotel located near a metro station.


Indeed, most hotels around the world offer a great level of security and safety for the guests. However, you never know what can happen and if you have a gut feeling that the hotel you are staying in is a bit questionable and you need more security for your valuables, here is what you can do. First things first, in case you are bringing valuables with you on the trip, make sure you are not leaving them out as a temptation. A thieving hotel maid is more like an exception than a rule, however, situations like this can also happen, therefore you want to make sure all your valuables are well hidden. You can use the room’s safe if there is one or opt for other hidden places. You can also take all valuables with you every time you leave the room. Before you leave the room and check out the hotel, always allow yourself ten extra minutes to have a look at all corners and nooks of the room and make sure you are not forgetting anything.

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