The Drayton Court Hotel

The Drayton Court Hotel is one of the oldest pubs in Ealing, and probably the only establishment in London to have one of their cleaners go on to become a world leader. The Former Vietnamese leader, Ho Chi Minh, toiled in the kitchens of the Drayton Court Hotel in 1914, before going on to change his country's history, driving out forces from Japan, France and the United States. As a pub, the Drayton Court Hotel may lack any romantic associations with Dick Turpin, but it more than compensates for this with its exterior, which has been in turns described as 'exquisite' and 'heavy-handed Victorian'.

In 1893, the Stephens Brothers (who also owned The Feathers Hotel in Ealing), drew up plans for 'a family and residential hotel' on the site. It was to have a frontage of 200 ft along the Avenue. The local press raved about the building, claiming it 'will enhance rather than diminish the attractiveness of the neighbourhood in which it is located'.