Seaton Lane Inn

Comfort, pleasant surroundings and a choice of food and drinks to tempt the most discerning of palates - what more could you desire? For a start, you may be looking for an ideal base to savour the best of all the North East of England has to offer. That place is the tastefully decorated Seaton Lane Inn boutique hotel. Situated by a country road through a village, it is only a few hundred yards from the A19 - making is less than 30 minutes to Newcastle upon Tyne and equally convenient for Durham City.

Sunderland is just minutes away. The Seaton Lane Inn has come a long way from its early incarnation as a blacksmith's forge; it now incorporates a stylish lounge/dining area, traditional bar and a two-storey hotel attached to the original building. The pub/hotel is run by owners who lead a talented team. Their purpose is to make your stay at the Seaton Lane Inn a memorable one - for all the right reasons.