Mk|hotel London

Based in the sector of commercial interior fit-out, facade engineering and insulation, the Group acquired 2002 the ailing moated castle Mariakirchen with outbuildings, which was released for demolition due to the desolate condition by the monument conservation. After intensive renovation measures a ballroom and numerous meeting rooms have been created in the castle. Also the old stables could be obtained. There the Schlossbräu Mariakirchen opened in 2003, an in-house brewery with beer garden. In 2007 the 4 star Schlossparkhotel in the castle park opened its doors close by with 40 rooms. There is also the headquarter of the mk|hotels.

2009 the first mk|hotel opened in Munich, 2011 Frankfurt followed, 2012 London, Eschborn and Berlin and 2013 Stuttgart.