Ellisland Hotel

Costley & Costley first opened their doors in 1988 and have provided a standard, which has energized Hospitality in Ayrshire, as we all enjoy today. Founders Bill and Cath Costley have now extended their portfolio to nine award winning Hotels, Restaurants and Patisseries! Very much a family run business, with Executive Head Chef Andrew Costley, leading the epicurean team which create the dishes that have become synonymous with culinary art!

Today, Costley & Costley are a leading Employer within the Hospitality industry in Ayrshire. A Master Chef at 21, Bill Costley has striven to ensure Tourism in Ayrshire leads the way in Scotland and is held in great respect by his peers within the business community and hospitality industry. Bill was given a Lifetime Achievement award from the Scottish License Trade Association and is eager to nurture talent, to develop new ideas and skills and to keep Ayrshire at the forefront of the hospitality industry.