Different Drummer

Known as 'The Swan with Two Necks' until 1982, this inn has a noble history dating back to 1476 in historical annals. Transformed by the Keswani family into a superbly furnished hotel, The Different Drummer blends refinements of the present with an aura of the past. Maintaining the traditions of a town distinguished by its hospitality and beautifully preserved coaching hostelries, the Hotel Different Drummer is an 'inn of modern happiness'. Travelers of bygone eras would marvel at the luxury of en-suite bathrooms, fitted carpets, central heating, and colour television with satellite channels in their rooms. And while although guest rooms have been designed with the present-day visitor in mind, the proprietors have taken care to maintain the building's long and rich history. The elegant Georgian faŠ·ade remains unchanged from 1743, when it was replaced after the great fire of Stony Stratford; the old stables still exist and fine antique furniture graces the rooms.