Buckingham Hotel

Opposite the Pavilion Gardens, minutes from the Opera Houses & Town Centre. 36 Rooms with Free Wi-Fi throughout, Free Parking and a chilled vibe the hotel no longer offers either brekky or dinner. God Bless all who ate here!

SPOCK: Captain, sensors indicate uncertaintainty in the crew as to the optimum viewing dimension of Star Trek Into Darkness. KIRK: Your recommendations Spock? SPOCK: The cinematic creation re-established the Star Trek franchise and simultaneously achieved an audience breakthrough with crossover appeal to different sexual, alien and age demographics without resorting to being a Poultry Flick. KIRK: Your logic Spock? I concur Spock, though surely you mean Chick Flick - at least it wasn't a Turkey! Do you have anything in mind? SPOCK: Initial scans of the Earth have identified 'Buxton' - an area of outstanding natural beauty with both rarefied atmosphere and natural springs - such conditions propagate benefits upon the inner self conscious according to Vulcan research.