Brooklands Hotel

Brooklands Hotel takes great inspiration from its racetrack history and location, from the original Brooklands racetrack, which rolls out before you in riven quartz and honed granite, to the glittering 1930s inspired honeycomb pendants that greet you upon arrival.

The Brooklands site is home to one of Britain's most famous racing heritage circuits - in fact it was the world's first purpose built real race track, which opened in 1907 by wealthy land owner Hugh Locke King and was the scene of the earliest motor racing in the country during the 1920s and 1930s.

The Locke King's estate bordered and partly included what they saw as the perfect setting for a racecourse, over 300 acres of land where quiet woodlands sloped gently down to an area of flat marshy farmland by the River Wey. Locke King was told that Britain stood no chance in trials and competitions because there was nowhere in this country that British cars could be tested or raced.